Apartment, West Village NYC

This 2,150 sq. ft. apartment in the mid-century Butterfield House complex has views of a courtyard garden on the south side and West 12th Street on the other. We made minimal but high-impact architectural moves to emphasize the spatial strengths of this apartment with open, flowing spaces and large, billowing glass and steel windows. Rooms that had been closed off were opened up to one another and unneeded construction was removed. Every surface is orchestrated, from paint and wall paper, to details of cased openings, backpainted glass, poured concrete countertops, walnut flooring, marble slab walls, teak, and metallic lacquer surfaces on cabinetry, to the crafted walnut slab sliding door and heating enclosure, as well as architectural and decorative lighting and a custom armoire. The clients desired what they termed a "happy" environment, and they are pleased.

Photographer: Mikiko Kikuyama